ABOUT HAID(Stock code:002311)
Guangdong HAID Group Co., Ltd. is an agricultural and animal husbandry high-tech enterprise based on the R&D, production and sales of aquatic products and livestock feed, which develops to the whole industrial chain of animal husbandry, high-quality seedlings, livestock breeding, healthy food, etc., and provides integrated technical service solutions for farmers. With a goal: To be professional, service-oriented, science-valued and internationalization, we unleash the power of our assets by committed to act with wisdom, persistence and compassion.
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  • 100+billionStock value
  • 350+Molecular company
  • 30000+Staff
Global layout

Actively respond to one belt, one road initiative, Haid is taking the international perspective to carry out industrial layout.

At present, the company has established business relationship in South Asia,

Southeast Asia, America, Africa and other countries, and has set up subsidiaries in many countries including Vietnam,

Singapore, the United States, India, Indonesia and Ecuador.

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